AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-01-141.1-1debian/1.1-1debianTimo Weingärtner
2021-01-14mark as Multi-Arch: foreignTimo Weingärtner
2021-01-14bump dh compat, policy and copyright yearsTimo Weingärtner
2021-01-14Merge tag '1.1' into debianTimo Weingärtner
2021-01-14release 1.1HEAD1.1masterTimo Weingärtner
2021-01-14improve man page generation with help2manTimo Weingärtner
2018-10-27move dry-run checking into do_linkTimo Weingärtner
2017-07-02Clang lints ('static' and typing)Ben Wiederhake
2017-07-02Add .gitignoreBen Wiederhake
2017-05-03fix typo in DescriptionTimo Weingärtner
2017-04-301.0-1debian/1.0-1Timo Weingärtner
2017-04-30enable more buildflagsTimo Weingärtner
2017-04-30remove build-dep on zlib, add help2manTimo Weingärtner
2017-04-30bump dh compat, policy and copyright yearsTimo Weingärtner
2017-04-30move references away from githubTimo Weingärtner
2017-04-30Merge tag '1.0' into debianTimo Weingärtner
2017-04-30release 1.01.0Timo Weingärtner
2017-04-30more constTimo Weingärtner
2014-11-21use boost::iterator_range instead of homebrew hackTimo Weingärtner
2013-11-17Makefile: reset version.h on clean when in gitTimo Weingärtner
2013-11-17Makefile: C++11 has been ready for a while nowTimo Weingärtner
2013-11-17Makefile: add libstdc++ to LDLIBSTimo Weingärtner
2013-11-17tighten type requirements for range adaptorsTimo Weingärtner
2013-11-17use LDLIBS instead of LDFLAGSTimo Weingärtner
2013-06-17fix copy&paste oversight in licenseTimo Weingärtner
2013-04-24inode.h is not so big anymore, merge it into hadori.CTimo Weingärtner
2013-04-24std::move inode f into kept, we won't use it afterwardsTimo Weingärtner
2013-04-23use agg init and drop unnecessary stuffTimo Weingärtner
2013-04-23remove hashing stuffTimo Weingärtner
2013-02-15Add Vcs branch spec to comply with Poicy 3.9.4Timo Weingärtner
2012-03-09Add debian/watchTimo Weingärtner
2012-03-09Add Homepage: and Vcs-* to debian/controlTimo Weingärtner
2012-03-04Use initializer braces instead of make_pairTimo Weingärtner
2012-03-040.2-2debian/0.2-2Timo Weingärtner
2012-03-03Build-Depend on debhelper 9 now that it's in testingTimo Weingärtner
2012-03-03Fix typo in gbp.confTimo Weingärtner
2012-03-03TODO replaced by issues on githubTimo Weingärtner
2012-02-260.2-1debian/0.2-1Timo Weingärtner
2012-02-26switch to Copyright format 1.0 (DEP-5)Timo Weingärtner
2012-02-26Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.3, no changes needed.Timo Weingärtner
2012-02-26Merge branch 'master' into debianTimo Weingärtner
2012-02-26Version 0.20.2Timo Weingärtner
2012-02-26Fix version.h generation for non-gitTimo Weingärtner
2012-02-15Add --version, generate version.h from git, clean manpageTimo Weingärtner
2012-02-03Output help to stdout and exit with EX_OK.Timo Weingärtner
2012-02-02Add copyright notice and license.Timo Weingärtner
2012-01-13clarify description for --stdinTimo Weingärtner
2011-12-25also use unordered_map for sizesTimo Weingärtner
2011-12-25use equal_range and range-forTimo Weingärtner
2011-12-02use unordered_map for kept and to_linkTimo Weingärtner